Week 6 NFL Pick’ems

Last Week’s Record: 12-4 Overall Record: 55-25 Russell Wilson got hurt in the Thursday Night Game, but I probably still would have gotten this pick wrong, the Rams just look better. I switched up my Saints pick last second, mainly because I hate the Saints and wanted to see them fail. But I shouldn’t pickContinue reading “Week 6 NFL Pick’ems”

Week 5 NFL Pick’ems

Last Week’s Record: 11-5 Overall Record: 43-21 I’m still looking to get my perfect week, but another 11-5 isn’t the worst that could happen. It was a good week for the NFC East, I had them all losing last week and the only one I got right was the Eagles losing to the Chiefs. TheContinue reading “Week 5 NFL Pick’ems”

Week 4 NFL Pick’ems

Last Week’s Record: 10-7 Overall Record: 32-16 Patrick Mahomes got out played by Justin Herbert, is there a new sharif in the AFC West? The Pats are officially in rebuild mode and will not make the playoffs, Im calling it now. Stick a fork in the Giants because they are done and so is DanielContinue reading “Week 4 NFL Pick’ems”

Week 3 NFL Pick’ems

Last Week’s Record: 12-4 Overall Record: 23-9 An offsides by Dexter Lawrence cost the Giants the win on what would have been a missed field goal by Dustin Hopkins. This moved the ball 5 yards closer and gave Hopkins a do over to hit the game winning field goal. I think we can remove theContinue reading “Week 3 NFL Pick’ems”

Week 2 NFL Pick’ems

My 2021 NFL pick’em overall record 11-5. Alright, alright, alright. A not too shabby start to the season. Thinking back on my picks, I should have known better than to go with Trevor Lawrence and Urban Meyer in their Jaguars debut against the Texans. Texans look like they may have a 3 headed monster atContinue reading “Week 2 NFL Pick’ems”

Week 1 NFL Pick’ems

My 2021 NFL season pick’em overall record 0-0. Thursday Night Game Tampa Bay Buccaneers over Dallas Cowboys Sunday Games Philadelphia Eagles over Atlanta Falcons Pittsburgh Steelers over Buffalo Bills Cincinnati Bengals over Minnesota Vikings San Francisco 49ers over Detroit Lions Arizona Cardinals over Tennessee Titans Indianapolis Colts over Seattle Seahawks Los Angeles Chargers over WashingtonContinue reading “Week 1 NFL Pick’ems”