Week 5 NFL Pick’ems

Last Week’s Record: 11-5 Overall Record: 43-21 I’m still looking to get my perfect week, but another 11-5 isn’t the worst that could happen. It was a good week for the NFC East, I had them all losing last week and the only one I got right was the Eagles losing to the Chiefs. TheContinue reading “Week 5 NFL Pick’ems”

NFL 2021 Playoff Projections

It’s football time, so it’s time for some playoff projections. AFC Buffalo Bills Kansas City Chiefs Cleveland Browns Tennessee Titans Baltimore Ravens Indianapolis Colts Pittsburgh Steelers Wild Card (2) Chiefs over (7) Steelers (3) Browns over (6) Colts (5) Ravens over (4) Titans Divisional Round (1) Bills over (5) Ravens (3) Browns over (2) ChiefsContinue reading “NFL 2021 Playoff Projections”