NFL 2021 Playoff Projections

It’s football time, so it’s time for some playoff projections. AFC Buffalo Bills Kansas City Chiefs Cleveland Browns Tennessee Titans Baltimore Ravens Indianapolis Colts Pittsburgh Steelers Wild Card (2) Chiefs over (7) Steelers (3) Browns over (6) Colts (5) Ravens over (4) Titans Divisional Round (1) Bills over (5) Ravens (3) Browns over (2) ChiefsContinue reading “NFL 2021 Playoff Projections”

The Patriot Way Or The Brady Way?

When Tom Brady arrived at One Bucs Place in Tampa, Florida, he arrived at a franchise that accepted losing as the norm, and a fan base that was more excited for the draft than the actual season. Tom had played 20 seasons with the New England Patriots, a franchise where he was apart of aContinue reading “The Patriot Way Or The Brady Way?”