Week 5: All Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fantasy Football Team (14 Team Full PPR League)

Week 5

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lit up the Miami Dolphins on both sides of the ball. Boy it sure was a great fantasy football day for the All Bucs Squad. Going into the game vs the Dolphins, the All Bucs Squad was projected 111.8 and they destroyed that projection by scoring 158.24 fantasy points.

If I would have started Giovani Bernard over Ronald Jones and OJ Howard over Cameron Brate the team would have had 8.6 more points for a total of 166.84.


Key Contributors

Tom Brady

  • Total Points: 37.74
  • Tom Brady had his first 5 TD and 400 plus yard passing game of his career. At the age of 44 years old he just keeps getting better and better.

Antonio Brown

  • Total Points: 31.4
  • Antonio Brown is still a top WR in this league. If you disagree, you clearly do not understand football. Period.

Mike Evans

  • Total Points: 29.4
  • Mike Evans, who’s that? Exactly, why is Evans still not respected as a top 5 WR. Keep proving the haters wrong Mike.

Leonard Fournette

  • Total Points: 21.0
  • Leonard Fournette may need a new nickname, maybe let’s just call him Do It All Lenny instead of Playoff Lenny. He now has back to back 100 plus yard games.

Chris Godwin

  • Total Points: 14.0
  • You may think it was a quiet day for Chris Godwin, but it wasn’t. Godwin caught 7 of 11 targets for 70 yards. It only looks like a quiet day because Evans and Brown both had two TDs a piece.

Matchup Results

This week’s matchup was a cake walk for the Bucs. Mainly because this week’s opponent didn’t set their lineup, but even if they did it still would have been a blood bath.

The All Bucs Squad would have beaten every team in this league except for one this week. The only team to score more points this week had 171.3 total points.

The All Bucs Squad moves to 3-2 and the actual Buccaneers move to 4-1 and the team has both a nice football and fantasy football matchup next week vs the Philadelphia Eagles.



Overall Record: 3-2

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