Week 4 College Football Pick’ems

Last Week’s Record: 6-4

Overall Record: 10-10

I missed on the Virginia Tech vs West Virginia game. Virginia Tech left 12 points on the field going for it in the red zone 3 times and missing a gimme 24 yard field goal. Not taking the easy points cost Virginia Tech the game. This game was a prime example of why teams should use a scholarship to get a good kicker.

Damn you Utah, damn you! Fool me twice, how do you lose to San Diego State? You are forever banned from being picked to win a game, even if you’re playing the South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs, without Bobby Boucher.

Auburn came close to pulling off the upset and somehow James Franklin managed to not choke, like he normally does in all big games that he coaches. Even though, I got the pick wrong, it was still nice to see an SEC team lose.

At this stage in football you’d think all the refs would be on the same page. If a play looks remotely close to being a fumble on the field let the players play it as a fumble, then go back and review it. Instead these game rigging zebras calling the Boise State vs Oklahoma State game did the opposite. On what would have been a fumble recovery for a TD by Boise State, the refs instead called the player down, while a Boise State player was standing in the endzone. This would have given Boise State the lead and most likely the win. When calls this blatantly obvious happen, it makes you wonder if the game is rigged. That call looked as rigged as rigged can be.

Alright, here’s to just doing a little better, my picks for this week’s games.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish over Wisconsin Badgers

Texas Tech Red Raiders over Texas Longhorns

Baylor Bears over Iowa State Cyclones

Texas A&M Aggies over Arkansas Razorbacks

Michigan Wolverines over Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Memphis Tigers over UTSA Roadrunners

Stanford Cardinal over UCLA Bruins

Oklahoma State Cowboys over Kansas State Wildcats

Oklahoma Sooners over West Virginia Mountaineers

USC Trojans over Oregon State Beavers

Let me know what you think, did I get it right, wrong, kinda right, sorta? Either way, I guess we’ll see what happens.

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