Week 2: All Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fantasy Football Team (14 Team Full PPR League)

Week 2

This week the All Bucs Squad started off with a projected 106.3 points with a great matchup playing against the Atlanta Falcons, who struggled mightily against the Philadelphia Eagles last week.

I decided to roll with the same starters as last week, with my only contemplation to swap out Ronald Jones for Giovani Bernard. But, I decided to keep Jones in the lineup, because RoJo was listed as the starter and in the past he has played great against the Falcons defense.

The All Bucs Squad exceeded expectations yet again, by scoring a whopping 134.14 points. This was the most points scored this week in the entire league.


Key Contributors

Tom Brady:

  • Total Points: 29.64
  • Tom Brady became the first Buccaneers QB to throw 5 TDs in a game twice and he now has 9 TDs on the season. Holy Guacamole!

Mike Evans:

  • Total points: 24.5
  • 5 catches, 75 yards, 2 TDs and the win. Mike Evans your order is ready.

Rob Gronkowski:

  • Total points: 19.9
  • Gronkowski is back baby! Last week was not a fluke game, Gronk is back! Back to back 2 TD games, let’s go!

Buccaneers D/St:

  • Total points: 19.0
  • The Bucs Defense took awhile to get going, but once they did they never looked back. Only one sack but 3 interceptions and 2 were brought back to the house. Fire them cannons, Mike Edwards!

Chris Godwin:

  • Total points: 16.2
  • In Godwin We Trust. With only a 28-25 lead, Brady found Godwin to put the Bucs up 35-25. Godwin had another efficient game with 4 catches, 62 yards and a TD.

Matchup Results

This week’s opponent didn’t have anyone set to play in the Sunday Night Game or Monday Night Game, so after the Sunday afternoon games, the All Bucs Squad got their second W of the season.

The opponent this week didn’t sub out Cam Newton for the other QB on their bench, Ben Roethlisberger. But even if Big Ben played and say Marvin Jones Jr played instead of DJ Chark, that would have only given them 118.6 points, which still wasn’t enough to beat the All Bucs Squad.

The All Bucs Squad moves to 1-1 on the season and it seems like this may have been a pretty good fantasy football draft strategy.



Overall Record: 1-1

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