Week 2 NFL Pick’ems

My 2021 NFL pick’em overall record 11-5.

Alright, alright, alright. A not too shabby start to the season. Thinking back on my picks, I should have known better than to go with Trevor Lawrence and Urban Meyer in their Jaguars debut against the Texans. Texans look like they may have a 3 headed monster at RB.

I overestimated the Colts defense and strong offensive line and I thought that would be enough to power Carson Wentz and the Colts rushing attack to a win against the Seahawks.

Are the Broncos really better than predicted or are the Giants in trouble? I think the Giants might be in trouble. If the Giants lose this week, the front office may start their evaluation process of next year’s QB class a little early.

I’m still not a believer in the Saints and I think Winston pulled that performance out of his rear end, nonetheless, he had a very good game and embarrassed Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

Lamar Jackson usually balls out on Monday Night, maybe all the issues with injuries this offseason went all Dr. Evil on him and stole his mojo. Derek Carr looked a lot better this year and he was able to will the Raiders to a win. Could the Raiders end up being a surprise playoff team?

Side note: does anyone else think that Aaron Rodgers looks like he just got back from Nam?

Thursday Night Game

New York Giants over Washington Football Team

Sunday Games

Cincinnati Bengals over Chicago Bears

Cleveland Browns over Houston Texans

Los Angeles Rams over Indianapolis Colts

Buffalo Bills over Miami Dolphins

New England Patriots over New York Jets

San Francisco 49ers over Philadelphia Eagles

Pittsburgh Steelers over Las Vegas Raiders

Carolina Panthers over New Orleans Saints

Denver Broncos over Jacksonville Jaguars

Arizona Cardinals over Minnesota Vikings

Tampa Bay Buccaneers over Atlanta Falcons

Dallas Cowboys over Los Angeles Chargers

Seattle Seahawks over Tennessee Titans

Baltimore Ravens over Kansas City Chiefs

Monday Night Game

Green Bay Packers over Detroit Lions

Let me know what you think, did I get it right, wrong, kinda right, sorta? Either way, I guess we’ll see what happens.

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