Week 1: All Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fantasy Football Team (14 Team Full PPR League)

Just for shits and giggles, I decided to mess around and see how good an all Tampa Bay Buccaneers fantasy football team would pan out in a 14 team (full PPR) league. I will post each weeks matchup and results, as well as, a breakdown of each week’s key contributors.

Week 1

Before the Thursday Night game kicked off the total projected points were set at 100.5. The squad ended with 123.06, but could have gotten 126.32, if I would have subbed in Giovani Bernard for Ronald Jones. But, that was a tough substitute to have foreseen, considering RoJo found himself in the dog house early after a fumble on his 6th offensive snap of the game and never played another snap the rest of the game. Also, Gio didn’t record a catch or carry until the Bucs final possession of the game. Bernard only had 2 catches (3 targets) for 12 yards.

Regardless, the team outscored their original projections and after the Thursday Night Game they were projected to beat their opponent 123.06 to 113.6.


Key Contributors

Rob Gronkowski:

  • Total Points: 29.0
  • Oh boy! Gronk sure did start the season with a huge splash. Gronk caught all 8 of his targets for 90 yards and 2 TDs. His most impressive catch might have been the one handed grab he made in the 4th quarter.

Tom Brady:

  • Total Points: 27.16
  • How old is Tom Brady again? (44). Does it really even matter? Brady looked sharp all game and really should have ended with only 1 Int, considering he threw a Hail Mary to end the half that was picked off. Tom had 379 passing yards, 4 TDs, and 2 Ints. I wonder how many “Tuddies” Brady will throw this year?

Antonio Brown:

  • Total Points: 23.7
  • Can we all finally be honest about AB? Can we finally admit he’d still be a WR1 on most NFL teams? It’s really unfair that the Bucs have Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Antonio Brown. Mike Evans had a down night, but AB dominated by catching 5 out of 7 targets for 121 yards and a TD.

Chris Godwin:

  • Total Points: 23.5
  • “In Godwin We Trust”. Brady sure trusts Godwin, a lot. Godwin lead the team in targets (14) and catches (9). He also had 105 yards and a TD. Even after a fumble that could have cost the Bucs the game, Brady trusted Godwin to make the big play to set up the game winning field goal. PS, I didn’t see a push off.

Matchup Results

This week’s opponent didn’t have anyone rostered for the Sunday Night or Monday Night Football games, so after the Sunday afternoon games the All Bucs Squad came away with their first win of the season.

The All Bucs Squad went up against fantasy football super star Christian McCaffrey, and teammates: Joe Burrow, Justin Jefferson, TJ Hockenson, and Chase Edmonds to start the season with a nail biting fantasy football win, winning 123.06 to 122.78. The All Bucs Squad total points of 123.06 would have also been good enough to have beaten 7 other teams.

The All Bucs Squad could have very easily lost this matchup if the other team would have started either Jameis Winston at QB or Nyheim Hines, DeVante Parker, or Gabriel Davis at the FLEX, but we’ll take it, on to Atlanta.



Overall Record: 1-0

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